Good First Teaching

Every student is entitled to become fully literate. This requires teachers to provide a balanced program of teaching and learning experiences that includes the explicit teaching of language, literacy and literature within the context of the Australian Curriculum.

Shared Beliefs and Understandings

Our work in the teaching of English at Our Lady of Dolours School moves us towards a shared understanding of five fundamental beliefs:

  • All students can achieve high standards in English given the right time and support.
  • All teachers can teach English to a high standard given the right assistance.
  • High expectations, shared goals and early intervention through review and response is essential.
  • Teachers need to be able to articulate what they do and why they teach the way they do. The framework/model presented in this website provides the elements required for Good First Teaching in English.
  • Professional Learning using an Action Learning approach is considered paramount in the ongoing building of teacher capacity.